RU Clear – Chlamydia Screening Programme

The Brief

RU Clear was set up to cover the national chlamydia screening programme for Greater Manchester. Their existing website had been live for ten years and over that time technology and the criteria for the programme have changed and they needed to move with the times. There was also a need for tailored information for different geographical audiences and the need for highly secure data protection.

The Solution

MaD refreshed the RU Clear brand and promotional materials and built a device responsive, intuitive website that delivered content based on the visitors postcode and date of birth. This ensures that the content is relevant to individual visitors resulting in a personalised user experience. The website incorporates robust hosting and security measures and integrates with RU Clear’s confidential NHS postal testing service.

The Result – did it work?

“The process was quite straightforward really having dealt with lots of different sites. We put a brief together which the team delivered on time which is actually quite amazing!!”

Diane Cordwell







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