Cheshire Police Victim Information Pack – AR brochure

The Brief

Every time someone is a victim of a crime in Cheshire, they are given a document which explains their rights and where to receive support. The existing document was text heavy, didn’t engage with the audience and didn’t assist the officers in communicating effectively with the victim.

The Solution

We modernised the existing pack, improved navigation and captured professional photography of local police officers rather than using stock imagery. We then filmed scenes which offered advice and support accompanied by a selection of translated voice-overs.
The brochure was ‘augmented’ so that when a smartphone is pointed at the pages the videos come to life in the viewer’s native language. This has made the process much easier for officers and reduced the dependence on costly translation services.

The Result – did it work?

The new interactive augmented reality document has made it much easier for officers to interact with victims in what can often be a traumatic time. The document is now accessible to none English speaking people. The Police and Crime commissioner for Cheshire praised the document in his annual report and Head of the criminal justice department Jon Betts said: “The victim information pack is an excellent tool for helping victims understand the process and help direct them to the specialist help and support if they need it.

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