Alsop High School, Liverpool

The Brief

Alsop High School is the largest school in Liverpool with over 1800 pupils. Due to various external factors including the opening of new school buildings, falling birthrates and changes in education performance tables, numbers on role were falling at many schools on Merseyside.

The Solution

We helped the school to conduct a survey that included their partner primaries, parents and the leadership team. This helped them to pin down what they wanted as a showcase as a school and to identify their USP. From this we helped them to host an exciting Open Evening which resulted in double the amount of attendees from previous years. They are currently full in year 7 with a waiting list and after such a successful event expect the same outcome for next year.

The Result – did it work?

“The process was completely painless and they are now helping us launch a completely new website and promotional material which will make Alsop even more successful in the future. All the MaD staff involved from the directors, to the photographers and design staff have been so supportive and easy to work with. I can’t recommend them highly enough”.

C. Madelosa – Deputy Head

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