Sack the DJ…

Music has always played a big part in my life. I can’t play a musical instrument for toffee and although I made the obligatory mid-life accoustic guitar purchase which is now gathering dust behind the living room door life wouldn’t be quite the same without my Spotify account and a a bit of Belle and Sebastian. I like to think of myself as fatboy Stu.

When we opened our funky new studios in Stockton Heath I challenged the staff to spend £200 to make our workspace ‘cooler’. As you can imagine the creative juices kicked in. I had to rein in some of the wackier ideas like space hoppers, gumball machines and ‘thinking’ hammocks but I did sanction the purchase of a SONOS one speaker which we’ve ‘group linked’ to our Macs. Cue a daily rendition of speaker roulette.

The admin office tend to kick things off with Indie Anthems from the Stone Roses to the Courteeners before being interrupted by Mollys Chamber or Best of You from the studio. I can hear the audible groans from upstairs when I revert to type with some 80’s synth classics.

It’s all great bants, puts a smile on our faces and is the soundtrack to a happy digital studio. Human League anyone?